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Artwork has the ability to add colour, depth and interest to a space. Clients are often asking where to source affordable artwork and we are so lucky that it is more accessible than ever. Artwork is such a personal thing, so I like to provide my clients with a range of options that could work…(Read More)

Just checking in to see how everyone is going in isolation? There are lots of things that I am missing such as seeing family, eating out and catching up with friends. On the flip side it has been great to have more time to do those jobs that aren’t usually a priority. So I…(Read More)

Ahhhh… it too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year? I know it has been a while between blogposts (thanks so much to those who are still hanging in there!) but I wanted to start off 2019 with a topic close to my heart…..wall lights (or wall sconces as they are often…(Read More)

Welcome to Gallerie B’s first blogpost for 2018! It has been a while between posts but there has been a lot of exciting things happening in the past couple of months. My biggest news is that the Home Beautiful magazine feature of my home has finally been published in the current March edition. A…(Read More)

Creating A Restful Retreat


Ahhh, how quickly has December crept up on us this year? Despite the craziness, I love this time of year. The warm weather, festive vibes and diversion from the usual routine. Not to mention the Christmas decorating. I am so slack these days with sending out Christmas cards but always loved receiving them. I was…(Read More)

There is a lot happening at Gallerie B central at the moment (hence the lack of blogpost action!). I am working on some great projects and can hopefully share some beautiful ‘after’ images with you soon. In the meantime, I thought it might be helpful to share some tips for a decorating area that is…(Read More)

We have been in our new house for one month now and it hasn’t taken long for it to feel like home. There are so many little things that I am loving but one of the big things is the Butler’s Pantry. I have never had a great amount of pantry storage in…(Read More)

I have recently had a run of clients asking for advice on how to fill a blank wall space in their home. Many of them have been staring at a white expanse for ages, unsure of what to fill it with and scared to commit. My answer generally depends on the size to be filled…(Read More)

You would have no doubt seen the Fiddle Leaf Fig feature in so many gorgeous interiors lately. It has been dubbed the ‘it’ plant of this decade. It is an attractive indoor plant option with large glossy leaves in the perfect shade of green. The Fiddle Leaf Fig is versatile and has become a go…(Read More)

It is great to see so many gorgeous new homewares in stores for autumn/winter. While all of my furniture and homewares have been in storage for the past 10 months, I am sure I must be ‘nesting’. Hopefully I still love them when I unpack but in the meantime, here are My Top 10…(Read More)

Coffee Table 3 Ways


Choosing a style of coffee table can be overwhelming. There are so many options; square, rectangular, round, timber, metal, upholstered. Then there is the size to consider. Will it complement the surrounding furniture? Is the height appropriate in relation to the sofas? And of course there is the aesthetic. Will it work in your living…(Read More)

I certainly haven’t ditched my love affair with Hamptons-style homes, but another style of home has appeared on my radar….The Modern Farmhouse. It is essentially a mix of Hamptons that is modernised with a Scandi/Industrial influence. These homes are perfectly suited to a larger block or rural property. The exterior of…(Read More)

Styling a Staircase


The notion of Styling a Staircase might seem a bit over the top but I see those high walls and ceilings as the perfect opportunity to add a decorator’s touch. Most staircases regardless of their size will have a void space and expanse of wall begging for some colour or styling. Here are some…(Read More)

A Place To Pamper


The idea of having a dedicated pampering place in the bathroom was on my wish list for years. So the moment we started planning our new build and designing the bathrooms, I made sure a built-in vanity was included. It was going to look something like this. An additional space built in between the…(Read More)

I have a bit of a kitchen design dilemma for our new house and I would love your advice! I have two double overhead cabinets on either side of my range hood. At the moment in the plans they all have glass fronts, similar to this layout. Heydt Design Shophouse Design I have always loved…(Read More)

Get Organised in Style


I am always on the lookout for stylish storage and January is the perfect time to get things sorted and organised for the year ahead. With a bit more time over the holidays, I have been thinking about how to be organised in our new home. I am hoping that everything will have it’s…(Read More)

I have a confession to make, I feel like Scrooge. I have taken a year off from the Christmas decorating scene. Not being in our own home, plus having all our decorations and crafty bits and pieces in storage has meant an apathetic effort this year. Apart from my token Christmas Candle and Wreath, even…(Read More)

Friday’s Favourites takes on a Christmas theme this week. A big thank you to the lovely Kylie and Sam from DIY Decorator for including me in their Christmas Wreath Showcase. This is an opportunity for 12 Australian bloggers to share their wreaths and Christmas style. I gave my bell wreath (purchased recently from the…(Read More)

Etsy is undoubtedly a treasure trove of vintage and handmade items. Hours can be easily lost searching through the thousands of unique stores. My favourite thing to buy on Etsy are prints. They are inexpensive and are a great way to add some colour to a space. I am a fan of the A4 size…(Read More)

I wanted to share a guest blog post that I did for Vanessa from Style and Shenanigans. I met Vanessa at last year’s Bloggers Conference and am a keen follower of her on Instagram. Mum to three boys, Vanessa always looks stylish and wears patterns and colour so well. I love reading about her…(Read More)

The truth is that I have been a collector my entire life. I blame it on my Cancerian star sign but over the years I have hoarded  collected anything from postcards, soaps, serviettes, stickers, swap cards and Hello Kitty stationary. I like to think that I have become more selective with age. So these days…(Read More)

Blue and white lovers brace yourself. This week I wanted to share my secret ‘go to’ shop for beautiful home accessories, Portobello Home. Portobello stocks classic lifestyle pieces that have been carefully selected by it’s owners Catherine and Bronwyn. From blue and white ceramics, brass homewares, cushions and sisal rugs. Styling a shelf with…(Read More)

Mirrors are such a wonderful and relatively inexpensive design tool. Over the past few years I have unknowingly started a collection and each of my mirrors has its’ own purpose, helping me solve a decorating ‘dilemma’. Here are my 10 tips for decorating with mirrors. 1. Increase Natural Light In a darker space such as…(Read More)

We had a bit of drama during the week with our Chef ‘Condor’ wall oven (which I’m sure is the original from 1983) blowing up with a spectacular bang! There’s no point replacing it with only a couple more months to go so I will need to get creative with my meals. On…(Read More)

For today’s post I’d like to share some of my tips from our budget kitchen makeover at the beach house.  The kitchen is a fairly small area and I guess you would call it ‘quaint’. When we bought the house three years ago, I’m sure it looked the same as it did…(Read More)