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I have recently returned from a whirlwind week in New York. My husband had to go there for work and I was lucky enough to tag along (without kids) :). It is such an inspiring city in so many ways, but I really love seeing the homewares, decor and furnishings. Being a shopping mecca and having…(Read More)

Styling a Staircase


The notion of Styling a Staircase might seem a bit over the top but I see those high walls and ceilings as the perfect opportunity to add a decorator’s touch. Most staircases regardless of their size will have a void space and expanse of wall begging for some colour or styling. Here are some…(Read More)

Friday’s Favourites


Melbourne turned on the weather for my annual visit to the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show yesterday. I loved getting my fix of floral colour and garden inspiration. This garden by Vivid Design for The Greenery Garden Centre was a stand out. As I am on the lookout for evergreen hedging ideas for our garden…(Read More)

Yes or No to Kitchen Rugs?


This week’s topic might be a bit controversial, the kitchen rug: yay or nay? I know many people would shudder at the thought of placing a rug in this high traffic area that is subject to food spills but a kitchen rug does have its merits. I have used one at our beach house…(Read More)

I was excited to provide my input for Australian Outdoor Living’s recently launched ebook, The Ultimate Guide To Outdoor Living in Victoria. Having lived in Melbourne for most of my life, there are some annual events that stand out in our outdoor entertaining calendar. Typically Melbourne Cup Day, the AFL Grand Final and Australia…(Read More)

One of the most common Interior Decorating requests I get is to help people choose and source a floor rug. If possible, it is ideal to select a rug first, before decorating a room. I find it more challenging to fit a rug into existing decor than vice versa. Floor rugs have several purposes. They…(Read More)

Friday’s Favourites


I have had two special celebrations this week. Firstly my eldest daughter has reached double figures. I had promised her she could get her ears pierced when she was ten. This milestone seems to have come around way too quickly. Secondly Gallerie B turned one! I started writing this blog to share my love of…(Read More)

For today’s post I’d like to share some of my tips from our budget kitchen makeover at the beach house.  The kitchen is a fairly small area and I guess you would call it ‘quaint’. When we bought the house three years ago, I’m sure it looked the same as it did…(Read More)

Indigo is a versatile colour that can create a sense of luxury but is also calming.  It was chosen by Dulux as the key trend colour for 2014.  I think it is a great choice for a home office or library. via Horchow Ashley Whittaker As with most blues, indigo works well with neutrals such…(Read More)

Stripes are a classic pattern that can add visual interest to a room.  They are versatile and co-ordinate well with other prints such as florals or plains.  Stripes can be introduced in several ways. Floor Rugs: both images via Lynn Morgan Shea Mcgee Furniture: Using striped fabrics can create a sense of order. I…(Read More)

Navy and Pink are two of my favourite colours.  When combined, they create a ‘preppy’ look that I love.  Navy provides depth while pink adds some girly fun.  Although these two colours are strong, they can be softened by adding elements of white. via What a fabulous girls’ bathroom. via via Only Mary McDonald could…(Read More)

Thanks to the popularity of gold in home accessories and furnishings, it is easy to add this element to a room. Where traditionally you might have seen grey paired with silver, I love gold and grey together.  Grey anchors the space while gold adds a touch of glamour. This sophisticated room was designed by Tobi…(Read More)

The saying goes ‘Blue and Green should never be seen without a colour in between’ but I say why not?  Depending on what shades that are paired, a different look can be achieved.  One of my favourites is Navy blue and Kelly green as used in this beautiful bedroom from Luxe Addition. via   The…(Read More)

I thought I would pay homage to my American friends today who are celebrating July 4th with a Red, White and Blue theme.  If I had a boy’s room to decorate, these would definitely be my colours of choice.  It is a classic and timeless combination. via I love the red lantern and ticking…(Read More)

As the temperature drops in Melbourne, I find my escape in images of beautiful coastal homes.  One of my favourite summer palettes is Navy with a Neutral.  I particularly like the mix of navy and a natural element such as rattan.  It reminds me of the classic Ralph Lauren beach house style, luxurious yet comfortable…(Read More)

Today on Friday’s Favourites I am celebrating the soft pastel colours that are synonymous with Easter; mint, pastel pink, blue, yellow and lilac. via Pastel colours are not only soothing but for me they provide a sense of happy nostalgia.  When I had my first daughter my whole world became awash with pastel pink…(Read More)

Is white actually a colour?  Google this question and there are many different responses from artists and scientists alike.   Not getting bogged down in technicalities, I am more interested in how the colour white looks and makes me feel when used in a space. I find that too much white makes a room feel…(Read More)

Fabric: Ting Yuan Fabric – Aqua via Accessories: Lacquer Tray – Turquoise via Lamp: Sole Table Lamp – Teal via Rug: Baker Rug – Denim via Undoubtedly Mother Nature’s shade of turquoise is the most spectacular…….. A photo taken on a holiday with friends a few years ago: Turks and Caicos.  Magical! On that note,…(Read More)

For some time now I have been a Caitlin Wilson groupie.  For those who don’t know her, Caitlin is a very talented US interior designer who has a beautiful range of her own textiles.  What I love about Caitlin’s collection is that she has designed her fabrics to co-ordinate, making it easy…(Read More)