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Just checking in to see how everyone is going in isolation? There are lots of things that I am missing such as seeing family, eating out and catching up with friends. On the flip side it has been great to have more time to do those jobs that aren’t usually a priority. So I…(Read More)

Apologies for the lack of blog posting lately, it sounds so cliched but I don’t know where the time goes! I can’t believe we have been in our house for nearly 8 months. It definitely feels like home. Of course I love its aesthetics but one of the biggest pluses is that it…(Read More)

We have been in our new house for one month now and it hasn’t taken long for it to feel like home. There are so many little things that I am loving but one of the big things is the Butler’s Pantry. I have never had a great amount of pantry storage in…(Read More)

I am a long time fan of rattan! I love how it instantly brings texture to a space where hard surfaces dominate, and reminds me of coastal holidays. It is a versatile and affordable decorating accessory and available in many shapes and sizes. Here are my 4 Ways to Introduce Rattan Into Your Home. 1…(Read More)

Get Organised in Style


I am always on the lookout for stylish storage and January is the perfect time to get things sorted and organised for the year ahead. With a bit more time over the holidays, I have been thinking about how to be organised in our new home. I am hoping that everything will have it’s…(Read More)

Friday’s Favourites


Apologies for the delay with this morning’s post due to a technical glitch…….(a.k.a no internet for 2 days!). Just a quick update on the house. The frame on the ground floor is up! It is amazing to see the 2D plan come to life. We had chosen to go with a…(Read More)

It seems as though a Butler’s Pantry is high on the list in most new builds these days. Having never had one, I feel as though it is a splurge but am excited about the prospect of additional kitchen storage. Here are some things to consider when planning a butler’s pantry. 1. Decide…(Read More)

I have a small void area in my kitchen design. I have thought of a few options to fill the space but high on the list is a ‘Coffee Station’. A place to prepare and store coffee and tea-related items all in the one spot. It doesn’t need to be a large space…(Read More)

Kitchen Workstation


At the moment our kitchen bench is a dumping ground for the never-ending school newsletters and paperwork. It drives me crazy! I long for the day when the bench is clear of the paper trail. That is why a kitchen workstation or ‘mum’s nook’ is high on my list for the next house…(Read More)

Marvellous (Mud) Room


The girls have been home on school holidays for a week now. I must admit, I am loving letting go of the school lunch-making routine and after-school activities. One of my other minor gripes was the school bags being dumped next to the kitchen bench. They would often sit in a pile until…(Read More)

Moving house is a great opportunity to do a spring clean, and in the past week the kids’ toys have had a major cull. As the girls are now 6 and 9, I am being ruthless about what they still ‘need’.  Early on I realised that no fancy dinner parties were being had at our…(Read More)

Ok, so I’m unashamedly putting it out there, I am a little bit obsessed with Oprah!  Have been for some years now and hate to say it but one of my biggest regrets was not seeing her at Federation Square when she visited Melbourne in 2011, as I was working that day.  This love…(Read More)