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Here is a brief update on the house progress. The frame is up and the roof and guttering installed on the top floor. This photo was taken by the builder this week. I am really happy with how my American shingle roof is looking. After seeing this view though, I am disappointed we didn’t…(Read More)

New Fabrics For Spring


I am loving some of the fabric ranges that are in the showrooms at the moment. Lots of pretty patterns and colours. I am visualising them as roman blinds, cushions, ottomans. I get very excited, fabrics are one of my weaknesses! I thought I would share some of my favourites. Warwick: The new Cornucopia range…(Read More)

Last year I wrote a blogpost on my love of geometric wallpaper, in particular Thibaut’s Graphic Resource range (here). Thibaut have recently launched a new Geometric Resource 2 Collection of wallpaper. The range is gorgeous and each pattern comes in several colourways (click on the link). Here are some of my favourites. Portier Flock…(Read More)

Friday’s Favourites


I have had two special celebrations this week. Firstly my eldest daughter has reached double figures. I had promised her she could get her ears pierced when she was ten. This milestone seems to have come around way too quickly. Secondly Gallerie B turned one! I started writing this blog to share my love of…(Read More)

I thought for my last Friday’s Favourites post for the year I would review some of my personal favourites. I love seeing how designers use colour in different spaces. Getting that perfect balance. I hope you have found my Friday’s Favourites useful, inspiring or just plain eye candy. Looking back, there have been…(Read More)

In the ‘spirit’ (sorry!) of Halloween, today’s Friday’s Favourites are Orange and Black.  Believe it or not, I have found some beautiful spaces where these two colours are used, usually in combination with a little (or a lot) of white. via via ML Interior Design via Greg Natale Mona Ross Berman via House…(Read More)

Spring is in the air in Melbourne and today’s colours share a sense of summer days ahead.  At opposite sides of the colour spectrum, aqua and orange are complementary.  They are bright and bold and create a happy space. US Interior Designer, Tobi Fairley, has used this colour combination to create some beautiful spaces…(Read More)

Orange and Blue are two of my favourite colours.  Together they make a great pair as they are complementary, being opposite each other on the colour wheel.  The vibrance of the orange is offset by the calming blue. via via via While orange with mid-blue provides a fresh and coastal feel, when combined with…(Read More)

Pink and Orange might not be in the forefront of your mind when looking for colour inspiration, but I wanted to show how fun they can look together.  They are an unexpected pairing that provide an energy to a room. In her usual colourful way, Maria Barros has used pink and orange to brighten a…(Read More)

It seems timely to be featuring the colour orange this week on Friday’s Favourites.  The varying shades of autumn orange have been particularly stunning in Melbourne in the past few weeks. With the blue skies, the scenery is making the routine daily drives actually enjoyable. I know it won’t last, so I’m…(Read More)