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There is a lot happening at Gallerie B central at the moment (hence the lack of blogpost action!). I am working on some great projects and can hopefully share some beautiful ‘after’ images with you soon. In the meantime, I thought it might be helpful to share some tips for a decorating area that is…(Read More)

Apologies for the lack of blog posting lately, it sounds so cliched but I don’t know where the time goes! I can’t believe we have been in our house for nearly 8 months. It definitely feels like home. Of course I love its aesthetics but one of the biggest pluses is that it…(Read More)

Friday’s Favourites


I shared the newly installed pineapple wallpaper in the girls’ powder room on Instagram and FB this week. This Rifle Paper Co wallpaper has been on my wish list for a while now, I love the colour palette (and the pineapples!) and thought it would be perfect for this small space. I included a round…(Read More)

You would have no doubt seen the Fiddle Leaf Fig feature in so many gorgeous interiors lately. It has been dubbed the ‘it’ plant of this decade. It is an attractive indoor plant option with large glossy leaves in the perfect shade of green. The Fiddle Leaf Fig is versatile and has become a go…(Read More)

Library lights have been around for years but they are now being used more commonly in residential settings. I love any form of accent lighting that highlights focal points within a room. Library lights above a bookcase create visual interest to a book collection. Little Green Notebook They add formality to this home office. Meredith…(Read More)

Here is just a quick peek of the latest progress with our new build. The cornicing has been completed and things are really taking shape. I love this detail which will highlight the range hood once it is installed. The kitchen cabinetry should be next which I can’t wait to see. I featured a…(Read More)

This week has been a busy one. Lots of big decisions are being locked in for our new build interior. Although I made most of these decisions a while ago, it is hard not to second guess them. To stop myself overthinking things I am going with my initial ideas and relying on gut instinct…(Read More)

Friday’s Favourites


I have had some fun this week visiting interior/homewares showrooms and checking out their new stock.  I recently discovered the gorgeous work of Melbourne artist, Chloe Planinsek. She has just released her new catalogue. Recommending artwork can be tricky as it is so individual but I think the colours and softness of these pieces…(Read More)

Here is a brief update on the house progress. The frame is up and the roof and guttering installed on the top floor. This photo was taken by the builder this week. I am really happy with how my American shingle roof is looking. After seeing this view though, I am disappointed we didn’t…(Read More)

Friday’s Favourites


There has been a bit of action with our new build this week! The slab for the garage has been poured and the stumps for the house are in. Because the block is on a slope, building on stumps was a better option. It is exciting being able to see the footprint of the house…(Read More)

This week has been a fun one, making lots of decisions for the new house (or at least trying to!). Mr Gallerie B came home from New York with five of these towel rings below, from Restoration Hardware. Their quality is fantastic and they co-ordinate perfectly with my glass drawer pulls. This is the…(Read More)

We had a bit of drama during the week with our Chef ‘Condor’ wall oven (which I’m sure is the original from 1983) blowing up with a spectacular bang! There’s no point replacing it with only a couple more months to go so I will need to get creative with my meals. On…(Read More)

Friday’s Favourites


I have had two special celebrations this week. Firstly my eldest daughter has reached double figures. I had promised her she could get her ears pierced when she was ten. This milestone seems to have come around way too quickly. Secondly Gallerie B turned one! I started writing this blog to share my love of…(Read More)

Kitchen Workstation


At the moment our kitchen bench is a dumping ground for the never-ending school newsletters and paperwork. It drives me crazy! I long for the day when the bench is clear of the paper trail. That is why a kitchen workstation or ‘mum’s nook’ is high on my list for the next house…(Read More)

Hallway Decorating Ideas


I’m almost at the Working Drawing phase of the new build. Although I’m enjoying planning with the Draftsperson, I’m anxious about overlooking anything. The hallway is one space that can be forgotten. I am inspired by some of these hallway decorating ideas. 1. Console Table This is probably the most common and…(Read More)

Indigo is a versatile colour that can create a sense of luxury but is also calming.  It was chosen by Dulux as the key trend colour for 2014.  I think it is a great choice for a home office or library. via Horchow Ashley Whittaker As with most blues, indigo works well with neutrals such…(Read More)

In the ‘spirit’ (sorry!) of Halloween, today’s Friday’s Favourites are Orange and Black.  Believe it or not, I have found some beautiful spaces where these two colours are used, usually in combination with a little (or a lot) of white. via via ML Interior Design via Greg Natale Mona Ross Berman via House…(Read More)

I have such a soft spot for this week’s Friday’s Favourites colour combo……Navy and Gold.  I think it is the contrast of rich navy with the glamorous metallic that brings on my ‘sigh’ factor.  Navy makes for a cosy home office or sitting room and the gold adds a luxe element. via…(Read More)

I hope you don’t mind me mixing things up a bit but today’s Friday’s Favourites is the furthest thing from colour. It is clear and colourless, the acrylic resin known as Lucite. Lucite is used widely in interiors and is right on trend in this season’s accessories.  Although it has been…(Read More)

Thanks to the popularity of gold in home accessories and furnishings, it is easy to add this element to a room. Where traditionally you might have seen grey paired with silver, I love gold and grey together.  Grey anchors the space while gold adds a touch of glamour. This sophisticated room was designed by Tobi…(Read More)

Chocolate brown is a great backdrop colour for any design style. It is a warmer colour than black, yet has a formality about it.  I think chocolate brown is the perfect choice for a study or sitting room.  It can be masculine but add in some white contrast and a softer look is achieved. via…(Read More)

I am seeing Pink and Gold popping up everywhere in the interiors and homewares scene.  I’m loving this feminine and pretty combination. Monika from The Doctor’s Closet blog has introduced these colours to create a beautiful home office.  She has used the gold shelves to introduce pops of pink in her accessories.  Love…(Read More)

You may have noticed that touches of gold are popping up all over the homewares scene at the moment. Thankfully not the shiny, glitzy gold of the 80s, but more subtle antique and brushed finishes. The golden tones of brass are warmer than its stainless steel and chrome cousins.  This ‘golden’ brass is featuring in…(Read More)