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Copper and gold tones have stolen the interiors limelight in recent times but today’s Favourites celebrates a timeless pairing, Silver and Grey.  While grey is also having its moment of glory as a versatile neutral, silver, often seen as chrome or nickel has proven its worth.  It brings the glamour of a metallic to…(Read More)

Last week we were lucky enough to have a short getaway to the One & Only on Hayman Island, to celebrate a good friends’ 40th (without kids!).  I have never visited any of the Queensland islands and Hayman was so beautiful, I wanted to share a few photos. The resort has recently been renovated and…(Read More)

I have such a soft spot for this week’s Friday’s Favourites colour combo……Navy and Gold.  I think it is the contrast of rich navy with the glamorous metallic that brings on my ‘sigh’ factor.  Navy makes for a cosy home office or sitting room and the gold adds a luxe element. via…(Read More)

Adding Colour To A Bathroom


I was very excited to be asked by Perini Tiles to write a feature post for their blog about adding colour to a bathroom. Here is what I shared with their readers…… I am a big lover of colour and the bathroom is no exception. Many people opt for the safety of neutral tones but…(Read More)

Tile Trends


I recently visited the Perini Tile showroom in Richmond to start planning my tiles for the new build.  I was also keen to get up to speed on the current tile trends.  With technology rapidly changing in this industry, there are many new and exciting applications. For example, the interesting textures and patterns being used…(Read More)

I hope you don’t mind me mixing things up a bit but today’s Friday’s Favourites is the furthest thing from colour. It is clear and colourless, the acrylic resin known as Lucite. Lucite is used widely in interiors and is right on trend in this season’s accessories.  Although it has been…(Read More)

Navy and Pink are two of my favourite colours.  When combined, they create a ‘preppy’ look that I love.  Navy provides depth while pink adds some girly fun.  Although these two colours are strong, they can be softened by adding elements of white. via What a fabulous girls’ bathroom. via via Only Mary McDonald could…(Read More)

Thanks to the popularity of gold in home accessories and furnishings, it is easy to add this element to a room. Where traditionally you might have seen grey paired with silver, I love gold and grey together.  Grey anchors the space while gold adds a touch of glamour. This sophisticated room was designed by Tobi…(Read More)

The pairing of black and white is timeless.  It is not only seen in modern interiors but has endless possibilities in all design styles.  Black and white together can produce a sophisticated and classic look.  It is versatile too, when you need a change, just throw in a pop of unexpected colour to break up…(Read More)

My latest Designer Crush is New York interior designer, Christopher Burns.  I came across his work on Pinterest and instantly felt a connection with his interiors.  Christopher brings a comfortable elegance to his design, that is inviting and warm. He is not afraid to combine modern and traditional and successfully manages to create a balance…(Read More)

When used in interiors, the colour grey can add a sense of sophistication and elegance. One of my favourite Australian Interior Designers, Greg Natale, has created some beautiful spaces using grey.  It is a versatile colour and can look fabulous as a neutral back drop or as a dominant hue. Differing shades of grey can…(Read More)

Today on Friday’s Favourites I am celebrating the soft pastel colours that are synonymous with Easter; mint, pastel pink, blue, yellow and lilac. via Pastel colours are not only soothing but for me they provide a sense of happy nostalgia.  When I had my first daughter my whole world became awash with pastel pink…(Read More)