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September 16, 2016 by Belinda

This week is the start of new beginnings for me that bring with them mixed feelings. I am so excited that this time next week we will be in our new home. On the other hand I feel sad that this is my last Friday’s Favourites post. I will definitely still be blogging, just not as regularly as each Friday. In the last few months, my interior decorating work has really stepped up. I am not complaining but it is getting harder to commit to a weekly post. I promise to continue giving you lots of home decorating inspiration and sharing my learnings along the way. And of course with the wonders of social media, I will still be around. Posting images of what inspires me, our new home and what I am up to on my Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest pages.

Our new build update, Friday's Favourites.

On our new home front, there is so much to share! For now, my pineapple door knocker that I bought last year (at Home Depot in Maui) is finally in place!

Here are my Friday’s Favourites for this week.

Coloured island benches are something I love (and you will soon see why!). This navy example provides some personality to a predominantly white classic kitchen.

Navy blue kitchen island. Friday's Favourites.


Another coloured island in a beautiful grey. The black chinoiserie stools are a fun and unexpected addition.

Grey kitchen island bench. Friday's Favourites.

Dibico Construction

I love everything in this elegant lounge room corner. The curtain trim detail, gold library sconces, blue and white ceramic lamp base (and the collection hiding in the cabinet!) and navy and coral cushions.

So much to love in this image. Curtain trim, library scones, coral and navy. Friday's Favourites.

Robert Frank

And finally, I couldn’t go past this breakfast nook. White chippendale chairs are always a favourite and paired with a blue fabric is a perfect match.

Breakfast nook with blue and white chippendale chairs. Friday's Favourites.

Megan Bachmann

Have a lovely weekend and thank you for sharing a little piece of your Friday’s with me.

Belinda XO



16 thoughts on “Friday’s Favourites”

  1. Hi Belinda, thanks for your Friday Favourites. I have always enjoyed reading them and seeing beautiful pictures. It will be a shame to not have them pop in each week. Enjoy being in your new home, it’s looking beautiful! Mary-Claire

  2. Oh Belinda, I will miss your Friday Favourites! But I understand how hard it is to maintain a blog (hence why I haven’t continued mine!). Your new home looks amazing – love the pineapple door knocker – I’ve been trying to get a copper one! Happy moving xxx

    1. Thank you Virginia! The pineapple door knocker is a bit of fun and has a happy holiday memory behind it. Good luck with your search for a copper one, I will keep my eye out x

      1. Belinda, your front door looks amazing. can you advise what color paint you have used please?

          1. Thanks Belinda, I thought it may have been, it made sense but I was either seeing black or a very very dark blue-black in the picture so thought I’d ask the question. I also have a black painted front door but the paint seems to ‘bloom’ or get a film on it for some reason. Would you have any idea as to why this could be happening?

          2. Hi Chris, yes there are so many variations of black! I can’t be sure why your door has a film on it, maybe it is the type of paint that was used? They might be able to help you at a paint specialist showroom. Good luck!

  3. Hi Belinda , I’ll miss your blog. Have really enjoyed reading it over the past few years. Good luck with your new pursuits, love C

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