4 Ways To Introduce Rattan Into Your Home

August 30, 2016 by Belinda

I am a long time fan of rattan! I love how it instantly brings texture to a space where hard surfaces dominate, and reminds me of coastal holidays. It is a versatile and affordable decorating accessory and available in many shapes and sizes.

Here are my 4 Ways to Introduce Rattan Into Your Home.

1. Furniture

One way to commit to rattan is to invest in a furniture piece(s). It is a sturdy and practical dining chair option that looks great with a base or scatter cushion.

Rattan furniture adds texture and interest.

Carla Aston

It brings a relaxed vibe and works perfectly with blue soft furnishings.

Rattan furniture adds texture and interest.

Melinda Hartwright

Rattan barstools are practical and add texture against the hard surfaces in a kitchen.

Rattan furniture adds interest and texture.

J S Home Design

This coffee table is the ideal choice against white occasional chairs and coastal blue accessories.

Rattan furniture adds texture and interest.

Suzanne Kasler via Southern Living

2. Lighting

Rattan lights are another alternative. Woven lamp bases were used by Anna Spiro for the interiors of Halcyon House.

Rattan lighting adds a coastal touch.

Black & Spiro

These pendants add a relaxed feel to a classic style kitchen.

Rattan pendants add a coastal touch.

Rita Chan

But they also are a great choice in a more contemporary setting.

Rattan pendants add a relaxed feel.

Studio McGee

3. Storage

My slight OCD tendencies mean that storage is something I get excited about! Rattan is always a stylish and practical option.

Rattan storage is a stylish option.

Studio McGee

Rattan storage is a stylish option.


Rattan storage is a stylish option.

Lischkoff Design

4. Accessories

Rattan accessories can be a subtle addition to a space. A basket is the ideal plant holder.

A rattan planter adds texture in an entrance.

Kate Jackson

One of my favourite decorating accessories is a rattan tray. They keep a coffee table organised and styled. This one displays some coastal accessories, TV remotes and some of my favourite coffee table books.

A rattan tray is the perfect coffee table accessory.

Woven baskets on a shelf are simple decorating items.

Rattan baskets add interest to a shelf.

So if you are thinking of a space in your home that needs a bit more interest or texture, definitely consider adding a touch of rattan.

Belinda XO

2 thoughts on “4 Ways To Introduce Rattan Into Your Home”

  1. Oh my goodness B. I love all of this, especially that stunning kitchen with the rattan stools. I’ve got some small white/washed rattan pieces in my bathroom (from Siricco’s range) but I’d love to add more throughout the house. Loads of inspo here! x

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