Fiddle Leaf Fig: Friend or Faux?

August 16, 2016 by Belinda

You would have no doubt seen the Fiddle Leaf Fig feature in so many gorgeous interiors lately. It has been dubbed the ‘it’ plant of this decade. It is an attractive indoor plant option with large glossy leaves in the perfect shade of green.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is versatile and has become a go-to decorating accessory. It works in many different spaces and often adds a wow factor to a room.


Kate Marker

It is perfect for adding height.


Studio McGee


Christopher Burns

And an organic shape to a nook.


Alissa Portman via Atlanta Homes Magazine

In this home office it brings in a natural element.


Studio McGee

I love these plants and am keen to ‘invest’ in one (they aren’t the cheapest plants going around) but I’m nervous to commit. In my research I have seen the words such as ‘challenging’ and ‘temperamental’ associated with them. So my question to you is:

a) should I just jump in and test out my green thumb OR

b) given there are some high quality options available (see below for my round up) should I save myself the potential stress and go the faux?

Fiddle leaf fig


I would love to hear your thoughts and any advice.

Belinda XO

11 thoughts on “Fiddle Leaf Fig: Friend or Faux?”

  1. Hi Belinda – I have a notorious black thumb so was nervous investing in a fig, but I ignored my track record and got one anyway! By some miracle it is thriving, so maybe they are not so tricky after all! It is in a very sunny spot and I’m careful not to over water (my usual euthanasia method). My sister Mel has a faux one however that looks very realistic and is bigger and bushier than mine will ever be! I found the good ones to be quite expensive though, so maybe give a real one a try first?

    1. Thanks Ali, I wasn’t sure whether they only thrived in the U.S because that’s where I see all the gorgeous ones in the images. I think I will definitely give (a smaller) one a go first and cross my fingers. Thanks so much for your tips x

  2. Take it from someone who once killed a cactus (too much H20 love) a real fiddle leaf can be done! I bought the lucky last one in a nursery which was quite small and had the pleasure of watching new leaves grow…..slowly! It started at about 60cm and has doubled its size (in a year or so) I have moved it into a better spot, which it seems to love!
    Other tips:
    Repot into a large pot for new growth.
    – Be prepared to wipe the large leaves of dust frequently (I give them a mist after & they seem to like)
    – Pick off brown leaves quickly- I found as I picked more an more leaves…. More healthier ones grew)
    – Don’t over water- leaves will become spotty and brown
    – Fertilise every 4-6 months
    – Don’t be worried if some leaves don’t get as big… It adds to the uniqueness you can’t ever get from a faux!
    Good luck, Belinda! I have faith in you!

    1. Wow, thanks so much Crystal for those great tips, I will print them out! I think I definitely need to at least give one a try before I consider a faux option. Thanks again x

  3. I personally don’t like faux. I say just go for it. Do your research so you can learn the most you can about it to ensure the best for its survival. Good luck and keep us posted.

  4. debra @ 5th and state

    here’s another thumbs up! i am a horticulturist & a shop owner. we sell both faux & real, hands down go for the real. my clients are thrilled at how easy it is, and it is. even my good faux’s say “fake”

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