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Styling a Staircase

March 29, 2016 by Belinda

The notion of Styling a Staircase might seem a bit over the top but I see those high walls and ceilings as the perfect opportunity to add a decorator’s touch. Most staircases regardless of their size will have a void space and expanse of wall begging for some colour or styling. Here are some simple ideas that can create personality for any staircase.

Feature Lighting

The most important factor is to make sure the scale of the light is appropriate for the space. Too small and the impact is lost, too large and it will dominate.


Ken Gemes

I prefer an open chandelier or glass pendant that is not too heavy in appearance.


Cameron Custom Builders


Tod Hunter Earle

Wall Colour

Continue wallpaper or wall panelling up the staircase. This will integrate it with the foyer and give it a designer touch.


Echelon Interiors





Wall Art or a Mirror

The expanse of wall lining the staircase is the perfect space for hanging a favourite artwork or mirror. Again the scale needs to be considered depending on the size of the wall.


Kensington Design


Melinda Hartwright

I love this collection of black framed prints that I saw in the Ralph Lauren store on 5th Ave. 


A staggered gallery wall up the staircase can be a great feature.


Stair Runner

This is my favourite way to add some colour to a staircase. There are some amazing options for stair runners and I love the impact they have.


S.B.Long Interiors


Shophouse Design

I have my eye on this stair runner from Hartley and Tissier for our new build. I am not sure if the budget will allow for it but I will keep it on my ‘wish list’ for now :).


I would love to hear your favourite way to Style a Staircase.

Belinda XO

3 thoughts on “Styling a Staircase”

  1. Should you paint balustrades and panelling in high gloss white, or semi. And windows and doors high gloss in the same room? Thanks

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