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Apologies for the delay with this morning’s post due to a technical glitch…….(a.k.a no internet for 2 days!).

Just a quick update on the house. The frame on the ground floor is up! It is amazing to see the 2D plan come to life. We had chosen to go with a Draftsperson and not an Architect as I was keen to have a big input in the design. The drawback though was that we only ever got to see the design in 2D. So to be able to walk through the rooms and get a sense of the space that I have visualised so many times on paper is exciting but also a bit scary. I am crossing my fingers that the proportions and layout of the rooms work!

Here is the front view, followed by the rear view through the Al Fresco.

Friday's Favourites, Gallerie B. Our New Build

You really need the vision goggles on. I will give another update once the shingled roofing is on.

And now for my weekly Friday’s Favourites. I have cherry picked some cabinetry ideas for our ensuite from this classic white bathroom. With my organisational ‘OCD’,  I want to have shelving for the lotions and potions and drawers/cupboards for the larger toiletry items.

Friday's Favourites, Gallerie B blog.

via BHG

There is so much to love about this spacious kitchen. The storage options are endless and the island bench looks inviting.

Friday's Favourites, Gallerie B blog.

From the same home is this beautiful entrance. Simple and elegant.

Friday's Favourites, Gallerie B blog.

both images Donald Lococo Architects

The addition of painted tongue and groove panelling and sconce lighting have taken these built in shelves to the next level.

Friday's Favourites, Gallerie B blog.


Have a lovely weekend.

Belinda XO

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