Friday’s Favourites

August 28, 2015 by Belinda

I welcomed the first glimpse (and it was just a glimpse) of Spring last weekend. My Sunday walk along the Flinders Beach was filled with the excitement of warmer days ahead.

Friday's Favourites, Gallerie B

I took the opportunity to throw open the doors, let in some fresh air and have a bit of a spring clean at the beach house. The couch even got a good vacuum!

Friday's Favourites, Gallerie B

Friday’s Favourites this week starts with the gorgeous living room belonging to Erin from the Sunny Side Up blog. Erin is an avid organiser who has some great tips on keeping things sorted in a stylish way. Her new home which she also shares on the blog is beautifully decorated, with budget in mind.

Friday's Favourites, Gallerie B

The Sunny Side Up

I have watched this home being built with great interest, as the architect Stephen Akehurst is one of my favourites. I previously featured his home¬†on the Mornington Peninsula. Well, this beautiful Hampton’s style property in the burbs of Melbourne is on the market. The exterior features Stephen’s signature shutters which of course I love.

Friday's Favourites, Gallerie B

via Jellis Craig Real Estate

It feels a bit odd seeing the lack of pool fence in this image. It would be tempting to literally roll into the pool from the rattan armchairs! The outdoor area is styled beautifully. I wonder if the table lamps are left outside?

Friday's Favourites, Gallerie B

via House Beautiful

This image is from my Garden Inspiration Pinterest board. I am a sucker for formal hedging with a feature urn. This garden has my perfect mix of modern and classic.

Friday's Favourites, Gallerie B

Peter Fudge Gardens

Have a lovely weekend.

Belinda XO

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