Friday’s Favourites


Excitement on the new build front this week with the 1980s house coming down. Amazing how quickly a house can be demolished given how long it takes to build one! It is much easier to visualise the new house now with a (near) blank canvas.

Friday's Favourites, Gallerie B

Meanwhile, here is some Friday’s Favourites inspiration from the week.

This kitchen is a marble-lover’s paradise. The gold pendant, taps and hardware create a luxurious space while the open shelves add a contemporary touch.

Friday's Favourites, Gallerie B

Pink Peonies

This beach house has some of my favourite elements. Vaulted ceiling, slipcovered sofa and an oversized rug. Although it has had an interior designer’s touch, I love that it still looks comfortable and relaxed.

Friday's Favourites, Gallerie B

Diane Bergeron

This large living room is made more intimate by a modular sofa and seating on all sides, encouraging a space for conversation. The addition of yellow and blue cushions is fresh and uplifting against the white slipcovers.

Friday's Favourites, Gallerie B

Chango and Co

I am clearly craving some sunny weather. This image has me dreaming of summer outdoor entertaining!

Friday's Favourites, Gallerie B

Barbara Barry via House Beautiful

Have a lovely weekend.

Belinda XO


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