Hawaii Four-O

July 21, 2015 by Belinda

I promise this is the last you will hear about my turning the big 40! I did want to share some photos of our recent celebratory trip to Hawaii which I named the ‘Hawaii Four-O’ tour. Hawaii is one of my favourite holiday destinations. I visited there two years ago and knew I wanted to return to share some holiday memories with my family. This time around we spent two nights in Waikiki. We then flew to Maui for seven nights. Here are my top four things I love about this wonderful destination.

1. Shopping

I will always jump at any opportunity for some U.S. retail therapy. Unfortunately the exchange rate is miserable but I did take advantage of some early online sales. We had booked to stay in a townhouse in Maui, so I emailed the owner to see if I could have some items shipped to the address for me to collect when we arrived. She gave me the green light to go ahead so here are some of my purchases, all for the new build. A nickel pineapple doorknocker (for prosperity), swatches of the gorgeous Caitlin Wilson fabrics housed in a beautiful box, Rifle Paper Co Pineapples wallpaper (there is a theme developing!)  for the girl’s W.C. I also ordered 7 sconce lights from Restoration Hardware, each family member bringing one back in their case!

Hawaii purchases. Gallerie B

Aside from this, I spent some time in Waikiki at Ala Moana shopping centre. I made a bee-line for Tory Burch. I love their store fit-outs. The luxurious mix of lucite shelving and gorgeous fabrics like this leopard print chair.

Tory Burch Waikiki. Gallerie B

A new addition to Ala Moana is Anthropologie. I always love their quirky merchandising too. The homewares range is extensive and I usually manage to find at least one thing to carry back in hand luggage. This time around it was some Clambake Canape Plates (here) which I am planning to hang.

Anthropologie Waikiki. Gallerie B

Anthropologie Waikiki. Gallerie B

Ralph Lauren stores are an experience. The grasscloth wallpaper and blue and white ceramics are two of my favourite things.

Ralph Lauren Waikiki. Gallerie B

There were limited shopping opportunities in Maui but I did manage to track down some stores that stocked homewares. Thankfully my family are now used to my crazy U.S. shopping obsessions and my dad was happy to play ‘chauffeur’ as I checked out the local Target. Their furniture range was impressive and the prices crazy! This gorgeous gold side table only $110.

Target Maui. Gallerie B

This tufted slipper chair was only $199 and comes in a range of colours. Perfect for a bedroom accent.

Target Maui. Gallerie B

Cute storage options in great colours.

Target Maui. Gallerie B

I even dragged him into Home Depot. Ralph Lauren paint……now I was just torturing myself!

Ralph Lauren paint. Gallerie B

2. Beaches

My girls could be anywhere in the world. As long as there is sun and water, they are happy. The Waikiki beach was busy and again very touristy but the water warm.

Waikiki, Hawaii Four-O. Gallerie B

This is Wailea Beach in Maui which was a lot less crowded and commercial.

Wailea Beach, Hawaii Four-O. Gallerie B

Wailea Beach, Hawaii Four-O. Gallerie B

Lahaina Beach, Hawaii Four-O. Gallerie B3. Gardens

Nothing says tropical holiday like palm trees and blue skies. The lush green foliage against the tropical flowers were beautiful.

Wailea, Hawaii Four-O. Gallerie B

Wailea, Hawaii Four-O. Gallerie B

The grass was surreal. A perfect shade of green and so soft, like carpet.

Wailea, Hawaii Four-O. Gallerie B

Wailea, Hawaii. Gallerie B

Wailea, Hawaii. Gallerie B

4. Sunsets

Hawaii is renowned for its sunsets and they did not disappoint. There is something special about watching the sun setting over the ocean. Even Miss 10 (below) wanted to capture the moment.

Sunset in Wailea, Hawaii Four-O. Gallerie B

Sunset in Wailea, Hawaii Four-O. Gallerie B

So there you have it friends. My top four reasons for choosing Hawaii.

Belinda XO
























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