Friday’s Favourites


I’m slowly coming down from the holiday high. We have moved in with my folks and are just waiting for Demolition Day which should be soon. Meanwhile at the 1980s house, our local council has decided to re-pave the front footpath. I have to laugh, what perfect timing…..hardly!

Friday's Favourites. Gallerie B

To compensate for the very drab image above,  how gorgeous are these tulips I received?

Friday's Favourites Tulips. Gallerie B

And now for Friday’s Favourites. What an amazing first impression this entrance makes. The abundance of natural light, white panelled walls and oversized pendant create a beautiful foyer.

Friday's Favourites. Gallerie B

Luxe Source

I do love a banquette breakfast nook off a kitchen. The blue lanterns are unique and the bench fabric ties in perfectly.

Friday's Favourites. Gallerie B


Fire pits featured heavily at this year’s Melbourne Flower and Garden Show. If you have the space (and budget!) I think they are a great addition to a garden. This entertaining zone fits in seamlessly with the surrounds.

Friday's Favourites Fire Pit. Gallerie B

Luxe Source

I love the simplicity of this garden design. It belongs to the Wentworth Estate home in Surrey, England which doesn’t look too shabby either!

Friday's Favourites Garden. Gallerie B

Landform Consultants

 Have a lovely weekend.

Belinda XO

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