What’s Trending in Dulux Paint Colours


Choosing paint colours for the interior or exterior of a house can be overwhelming to say the least. I am starting to think about the palette for my new home and it won’t come as a surprise that I am considering whites, greys and maybe a bit of navy thrown in (follow my Pinterest Board, Dulux Paint Colours here). To assist my selection and get some insight into what’s trending in Dulux Paint Colours I have interviewed Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux Colour Planning and Communications Manager.

B: Can you list some of the most popular white paint colours at the moment?

These are the colours that Andrea listed. I thought it would be easier to see them against each other in a collage. I used Antique White USA for the trim in our previous house but am leaning towards Natural White this time around (which looks great against grey!).

What's Trending in Dulux Paint Colours

B: The colours grey and navy often feature in the Gallerie B blog, is there a ‘go to’ grey or navy for interior use?

A: For deeper blues have a look at these popular choices, Harpoon, Baltic and Surf ‘n’ Dive.

What's Trending in Dulux Paint Colours

A: For greys consider Domino, Wayward Grey, Malay Grey, Western Myall and Oolong.

What's Trending in Dulux Paint Colours

all paint swatch images from Dulux

B: In what ways are Dulux customers being more adventurous with paint at the moment?

A: I think people are starting to use colour for areas of their home that need uplifting or a new focus. I also think that with so many great inspirational images they are seeing in magazines and in blogs this is giving them more courage to do something a little more unique. The new trend of customisation is also helping people understand that their space is their own to play with and experiment.

B: Can you give the Gallerie B readers any tips on choosing painting colours for interiors/exteriors?

A: The main tip is to really understand the overall look for the interior and exterior. For exterior you are a little more limited due to having to work with other key materials such as brick, stone, Colorbond or powder coated windows. The main thing is that you work with what is there and use Sample Pots to ensure the new colours work with all the other elements in the home. You can always make a statement on your front door, even if you have to go neutral for your main colours!

For interior, the sky is the limit! You will however need to work with existing soft furnishings, kitchen elements etc. There are so many options for interior and you can really create a specific mood in the room with a particular colour. Don’t just rest on the whites, play around with a stronger colour on four walls, or at least one or two walls. This can really enhance the space and create your own personal sanctuary.

B: Are there any new applications for Dulux paint?

A: Once again there are so many things you can do with paint. From patterns to murals to adding in textures or metallics. Don’t feel afraid to play around with patterns. A simple set of coloured polka dots in a child’s bedroom or playroom, using a chalkboard in a kitchen or home office. Using simple stripes can make an interesting space. Don’t ignore internal doors too. Often they are the easiest way to incorporate a pattern into a space.

Finally, if there was ever question of the wonders of paint in a makeover, our fibro is surely testament to that. Hopefully Andrea would be happy with my statement door colour!What's Trending in Dulux Paint Colours

House colour: Dulux Raku, Trim: Dulux Vivid White, Front Door: Dulux Saltspray

What are your ‘go to’ paint colours at the moment?

Belinda XO

Feature image is from the Dulux Winter Forecast Wildland palette (from top, Purri Sticks, Western Myall, Baltica).

13 Responses to "What’s Trending in Dulux Paint Colours"
  1. Belinda I don’t know how you manage to be so timely with these posts. We are currently choosing cabinetry colour (white) to co-ordinate with a fairly white carrara marble. I am currently deciding between lexicon quarter and white exchange quarter. It’s head spinning stuff.

    • Yes, we are on the same wave length Katie! Are you going with carrara for the bench? Sounds lovely. Have you put the paint samples against the marble and flooring? I think your wall colour will have some influence too. Let me know if you need a second opinion x

  2. Have chosen a fairly white, not too busy carrara as our floor is fibonnacci terrazzo in ‘storm’. They won’t give me a sample of the stone so I am choosing from pics and my failing, patchy memory! We have ended up putting carrara everywhere in the kitchen, except the butlers pantry. I am feeling very confident after reading extensively about it, on a good day. Would love a second opinion. Have not even thought about wall colour. However I do love white exchange half so might do this on walls and white exchange quarter on cupboards. What do you think!?!!

  3. Bel,

    I went white with the new house. Painted all the walls Benjamin Moore Dove White in Eggshell so I can wipe it down after the three kids paw it. Hope to add some grey or blue to the study and dining room.

  4. I would like to paint grey internally on both walls, and internal doors. Lexicon probably for the ceilings. The front door will be Basalt. I would live to take that colour through to all internals doors as well. What’s your opinion……have grey really large tiles throughout. Having a heated discussion with my husband re grey!

    • Hi Anne, thanks so much for stopping by. I think the main thing is to choose a warmer grey for the internal walls as true greys can make a room feel cold. I am going for White Duck for the walls of our new house. It is in the Whites and Neutrals category but works well with greys. I have also found my local Dulux shop to be a great resource. They have colour consultants at varying times who can give their advice. Hope this helps, good luck! x

  5. After 3 years of procrastination I have decided on grey (main) and white (trim and ceiling) for my houseboat living area! Now I’m faced with the problem of which white and grey! (Who knew there were so many!) I live on the Gold Coast of Australia and I’ve worked out that a vivid white in the intense sun we get would not be a good choice. Also, the whole living area is just under 52 foot so I want colours that make the area look as large as possible. Could you point me in the right direction please. PS: Do the doors match the ceiling or the walls?

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