Friday’s Favourites


We had a bit of drama during the week with our Chef ‘Condor’ wall oven (which I’m sure is the original from 1983) blowing up with a spectacular bang! There’s no point replacing it with only a couple more months to go so I will need to get creative with my meals. On a brighter note, our crazy haphazard garden has some beautiful displays of autumn colours at the moment.

Friday's Favourites

My Friday’s Favourites starts off with a great find, the other angle of one of my favourite kitchens that I featured a couple of weeks ago (here). Of course it has marble subway tiles and I love the grey island bench.

Friday's Favourites

Traci Rhoads

With winter fast approaching, this window seat looks like the perfect spot to relax in the afternoon sun. The textured cushions and (Hermes!) throw create a cosy nook. I love the arch and metal frame window too.

Friday's Favourites Veranda Interiors

I think it’s the soothing colour palette that attracts me to this home office. The bookcase styling is elegant and the gold sconces are the perfect finish.

Friday's Favourites

Sita Montgomery

I came across this beautiful property which is currently on the market (here), in the The Weekly Review. The outlook to the garden from this dining room is amazing. I would personally add a rug to soften all the timber, and a larger pendant but the garden really is the main feature.


Here is another angle of the outdoor space.


Marshall White 

Have a lovely weekend.

Belinda XO

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