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Decisions, decisions. Yes, there are so many decisions when building a house. I am enjoying this creative phase and am reminding myself to go with my initial instincts. My latest choice is the flooring. I have chosen this engineered American Oak range from Royal Oak Flooring but am just narrowing down the stain colours. The…(Read More)

Bistro chairs have been around for a long time but I have only recently started noticing them as an indoor dining chair option. Maybe it’s the Francophile in me but images like this are putting the French Bistro Chair on my radar. American Interior Designers have been using them for a while in breakfast…(Read More)

Mother’s Day arrived a week later for me with the second purchase for the new house. Mr Gallerie B spent last week in New York for work. Not one to miss a U.S. spending opportunity, I had my sights set on some handles and knobs for all the cupboards and drawers from one…(Read More)

Choosing a product for our new kitchen benchtop is the hardest decision I have had to make for the house so far. And yes, I recognise that this is a first world problem. It is probably not surprising given my love of the Hampton-style that I want a marble or marble look surface for…(Read More)

I hope the mum’s had a great Mother’s day. I enjoyed an amazing Chocolate Bar High Tea at the Langham Hotel with my mum and girls. The Lindt chocolate fountain was a big hit and it’s fair to say we rolled out of there! Yesterday I attended the inaugural DEN Furniture and…(Read More)

Colour My Kitchen


One of my favourite aspects of American interiors is their embracing of colour. Colour in furniture, on the walls and my favourite, on cabinetry. By painting these surfaces, a whole new look is achieved. I know a lot of people would feel apprehensive about painting their entire kitchen a colour other than a shade of…(Read More)

I had the perfect start to the week catching up with these lovely ladies, all of whom I met at the Problogger Conference last year.  The common theme between their blogs is fashion and I feel very fortunate to now have my ‘go-to’ ladies for my much-needed fashion advice!  Here are the links…(Read More)

I have been wanting to write a post on Canopy Beds for a while now but to be honest I wasn’t sure whether anyone would read it! I’m not sure if it’s just me but I have had a fascination with the four posters since I was little. One of my best…(Read More)

We had a bit of drama during the week with our Chef ‘Condor’ wall oven (which I’m sure is the original from 1983) blowing up with a spectacular bang! There’s no point replacing it with only a couple more months to go so I will need to get creative with my meals. On…(Read More)