Plans for a Coffee Station


I have a small void area in my kitchen design. I have thought of a few options to fill the space but high on the list is a ‘Coffee Station’. A place to prepare and store coffee and tea-related items all in the one spot. It doesn’t need to be a large space, just enough to house the coffee machine, kettle, some cups and mugs and teabags.

Plans For A Coffee Station

Here are some of my inspirational images. This one can be closed shut and hidden when not in use.

Plans for a Coffee Station

Hungeling Design

I love the marble recessed shelf in this one.

Plans for a Coffee Station

Heather Bullard

This is an entire beverage centre complete with wine and bar fridge as well.

Plans for a Coffee Station

Jane Lockhart

My favourite is this one. Subway tiles and marble surround…..perfect!

Plans for a Coffee Station

Mazen Studio

I’m getting a bit distracted but these are some of the items I would like in my Coffee Station.

Plan for a Coffee Station

1. My Lavazza A Modo Mio Coffee Machine needs a home.

2. Some colourful cocktail napkins.

3. My favourite teacups.

4. A vessel for holding teaspoons.

5. A tray to group everything together.

6. My ‘go to’ teaspoons.

What do you think, should I include a Coffee Station? Or would the space be better used for something else?

Belinda XO

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  1. Yes! Definitely worth having a tea/ coffee hub. Its a constantly used area in our house! Which reminds me, you have to come over for a coffee soon! Let me know when you’re free!

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