Hallway Decorating Ideas

February 3, 2015 by Belinda

I’m almost at the Working Drawing phase of the new build. Although I’m enjoying planning with the Draftsperson, I’m anxious about overlooking anything. The hallway is one space that can be forgotten. I am inspired by some of these hallway decorating ideas.

1. Console Table

This is probably the most common and practical way to use the space. I love the symmetry of two chairs, sconce lighting and a feature piece of artwork.

Hallway Decorating Ideas

 Linda McDougald

Hallway Decorating Ideas

M Frederick Interiors

Hallway Decorating Ideas

Evars Anderson

2. Gallery Wall

If space is limited, a hallway provides the perfect backdrop to display artwork or photos.  See my blogpost on how to style a gallery wall (here).

Hallway Decorating Ideas

via DecorPad

This hallway has the added bonus of a window seat. I also love the panelling or wainscoting.

Hallway Decorating Ideas

Gardiner & Larson Homes

3. Seating

Rather than using it just as a passageway, a hallway can make a great first impression. Adding a beautiful bench seat creates a point of interest.

Hallway Decorating Ideas

Mondavi Home


Divine Custom Home

4. Storage

Building joinery along a hallway increases storage space.

Hallway Decorating Ideas

White Picket Fence Home

Abbott Moon

Hallway Decorating Ideas

Wendy Posard

Decorative hardware on cupboard handles adds some elegance.

Hallway Decorating Ideas

SB Long Interiors

5. Desk Nook

Another ideal use of hallway space is for a homework/desk area. This would need to be tucked away though as I’m not sure how tidy my kids would keep it!


Studio M Interiors


Polhemus Savary DaSilva

Which is your favourite hallway decorating idea?

Belinda XO 

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