Marvellous (Mud) Room

December 16, 2014 by Belinda

The girls have been home on school holidays for a week now. I must admit, I am loving letting go of the school lunch-making routine and after-school activities. One of my other minor gripes was the school bags being dumped next to the kitchen bench. They would often sit in a pile until the next morning if I didn’t nag. So, high on my list for the new build is somewhere to house all these school-related bits and pieces. It doesn’t need to be a full mudroom but a space tucked away and out of sight. If I end up having the space, this is what I would include:

Hooks: for hanging the school and sports bags, umbrellas and hats


6th Street Design School

 Drawers:  underneath for storing shoes and library bags etc


Wright Building Co.


Anne Hepfer

Shelving: baskets break up the joinery and are another great storage option


Muse Interiors



Cupboard:  perfect in a mudroom for storing winter coats (that take up valuable real estate in a wardrobe!).


Molly Quinn Design



Fabric opportunity: any excuse for a bench seat and cushion.


Wettling Architects


Lynn Morgan Design


J B Murray Architect

Yes, a mudroom would be marvellous.

Belinda XO

3 thoughts on “Marvellous (Mud) Room”

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  2. Hi Belinda, I’ve been looking through all your blog posts and it seems we have quite similar taste and wishes for our new houses! I have been able to incorporate a mud room into our new house, just off the garage entry into the house. Now that we’ve got walls up, it’s even bigger than i hoped for, so I’m feeling very excited about what I can include in it . I’ve also been able to include a coffee (or tea for me) station tucked away in the pantry. Your blog posts are lovely…so glad I came upon them! Vx

    1. Thanks so much Virginia. Yes, I am very excited about the Mud Room! Are you posting any images of your build on social media? Would love to see your progress.X

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