One and Only: Hayman Island


Last week we were lucky enough to have a short getaway to the One & Only on Hayman Island, to celebrate a good friends’ 40th (without kids!).  I have never visited any of the Queensland islands and Hayman was so beautiful, I wanted to share a few photos. The resort has recently been renovated and refurbished and is impressive on so many levels.  The direct flight from Melbourne to Hamilton Island was an easy three hours. Once we had collected our luggage, it was whisked away by One and Only staff and delivered directly to our rooms.  No taxi queues to contend with, the One & Only launch boat was waiting to take us to Hayman Island, stocked with bubbles and canapés.

One and Only Hayman Island

The Accom:

This was the breathtaking view from our room, across the main pool.

One and Only Hayman Island

The blue and white remote awning on our balcony framed the scene.

One and Only Hayman Island


The perfect island bedroom.


And bathroom.


The Resort:

The One and Only is set on the backdrop of the Coral Sea.  As you enter the resort via golf buggy, you are greeted with lush tropical gardens.


The foyer has a beautiful view to the ocean. It was hard to know where to look as the floral display was equally as spectacular.


Communal lounge area.


The breakfast restaurant was beachside.  I had to pinch myself drinking my morning coffee with this view.





Even the fire hydrant was painted to suit the surrounds.


The Activities:

The One & Only Hayman Island is the perfect place to relax but we did manage to fit in some sightseeing. Our group arranged for a boat to take us to the nearby Langford Island. We arrived at this pristine stretch of sand to find chairs, towels and snorkels.  They had been previously set up for us by hotel staff, such amazing service.



Otherwise, this was where I was planted for the most part!


The Food:

I was really impressed with all the meals at the resort.  The food was varied and fresh.  Mr Gallerie B had arranged a little picnic hamper for lunch.  It was filled with some delicious goodies such as fresh dips, salads and a homemade slice for dessert.


The evenings were spent celebrating with friends.


The newly opened Aquazure restaurant was the venue for the main birthday celebration.


I loved the decor and details….


and the dessert buffet.



Although our stay was short, it was just what we needed to recharge the batteries and get us through to the Christmas break (hopefully!).

Belinda XO

A big thank you to Andy from OFI Productions for sharing some of your photos for this blog post.

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