Tile Trends


I recently visited the Perini Tile showroom in Richmond to start planning my tiles for the new build.  I was also keen to get up to speed on the current tile trends.  With technology rapidly changing in this industry, there are many new and exciting applications. For example, the interesting textures and patterns being used on tiles means they are almost mimicking wallpaper in wet areas.


Advances in inkjet printing technologies have enabled wonderful geometric patterns to be created.  En masse, these patterns create an almost 3D effect.

Tile Trends

Tile Trends

Bermuda Range

Tile Trends


Frederik Range

Combining tiles with geometric details creates an interesting patchwork effect. These gorgeous blue porcelain tiles had just arrived in the showroom.


This Modello Range features eight different patterns that can be laid randomly to also create a patchwork effect.

Tile Trends

Another strong tile trend is the raised finish.  When laid, these tiles have a texture that provides interest and depth.

Tile Trends

Tile Trends Domes Range

The new timber look porcelain tiles are amazing.  The colour and lines mimic genuine timber and they are manufactured in long planks.  There are several wood ‘colours’ available.  These tiles would be the perfect option for those wanting the look of timber in a wet area.



Woodland Range

Although they’ve been around for a while now, I still love the replica Calacutta marble porcelain tiles.  The latest ink jet technology has meant that these tiles are such a great imitation without the price tag.



Florence Range


I have always been a fan of the subway tile and I’m pleased to say that it is here to stay.  With more available colours and tile sizes, it remains a classic.

01-84 cat general 2010.pdf

Vattacan Range

A modern take on the subway, this tile has a raised profile, providing a textured look.


Palma Range

The 3D geometric trend continues in the Jackson Range which has a monochrome palette.


These hand painted Moroccan tile designs are unique and timeless, also designed to be laid with a random patchwork style.


Archaic Range

Hexagonal shapes are popular in the interiors world and tiles have not been exempt. This Frozen Garden faceted tile, the first of the Bisazza ceramic collection, is one of my favourites.




Moroccan designs continue in the glass tile range.


Lantern Range

I couldn’t resist including this image of the beautiful Bisazza glass mosaic pool tiles!



Where have I been?  ‘Popham’ was not in my vocab before my visit to Perini and it is amazing!  I now know it is the name given to the design process and range of tiles made in Morocco crafted in the traditional by skilled artisans (click here to see the process in a action).  The result is a beautiful ceramic tile that can be custom made in a range of colours and designs.



Carrara marble is available in many shapes and formats.



Lifestyle-Lungo Hexagonal-Shell-1

I left the Perini showroom feeling very excited about the tile choices available.  The current trends are seeing some beautiful shapes and colours being used, as well as textured profiles.  I’m looking forward to creating some tile schemes for the bathroom and wet areas.

A big thank you to Kate and Rob from Perini for sharing their expertise.

Belinda XO




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