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Design for Mirabel


The inaugural Design for Mirabel event took place last week at the Two Ton Max warehouse in North Melbourne.  It was the vision of American Interior Designer, Diane Bergeron (who now resides in Melbourne) to stage this annual benefit which showcased ten of Australia’s leading interior designers, to raise funds for the Mirabel Foundation…(Read More)

Pink and Orange might not be in the forefront of your mind when looking for colour inspiration, but I wanted to show how fun they can look together.  They are an unexpected pairing that provide an energy to a room. In her usual colourful way, Maria Barros has used pink and orange to brighten a…(Read More)

On the weekend, we celebrated my in-laws 40th wedding anniversary at the Red Hill Epicurean. This is one of my favourites restaurants on the Mornington Peninsula.  It was the perfect venue for a casual family lunch with great food and wine.  Aside from this, I really love the design and interior of this large…(Read More)

The saying goes ‘Blue and Green should never be seen without a colour in between’ but I say why not?  Depending on what shades that are paired, a different look can be achieved.  One of my favourites is Navy blue and Kelly green as used in this beautiful bedroom from Luxe Addition. via   The…(Read More)

House Exteriors


My next house exterior is tricky to describe because in my mind, it is a mix of styles.  I am still amazed at what inspiration Pinterest offers and my board of House Exteriors definitely has some strong themes. 1.  Gabled Roof I think my love of the gabled roof began when we lived in Virginia…(Read More)

Mint green is such a versatile colour that instantly creates a sense of calm.  It pairs well with many colours but my favourite combination is with white.  These following kitchen images show how it can be introduced in different ways. Mint green paintwork on the lower joinery and as a feature behind the open shelving…(Read More)

Fireplace Dreaming


There is something special about a fireplace in winter that draws me in.  As someone who feels the cold, it’s like a magnet!  Unfortunately our 1980s home doesn’t have one but we do have a Coonara wood fire at the beach house and it is our winter gathering point.  There’s nothing better…(Read More)

I thought I would pay homage to my American friends today who are celebrating July 4th with a Red, White and Blue theme.  If I had a boy’s room to decorate, these would definitely be my colours of choice.  It is a classic and timeless combination. via I love the red lantern and ticking…(Read More)

I have been a fan of Cristina Re paper products for some time now.  I spent many hours poring over her beautiful range of papers with mix and match patterns and embellishments (in my scrapbooking days!). Cristina has recently relaunched her High Tea experience in the refurbished store.  I invited my mum for a surprise…(Read More)