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The pairing of black and white is timeless.  It is not only seen in modern interiors but has endless possibilities in all design styles.  Black and white together can produce a sophisticated and classic look.  It is versatile too, when you need a change, just throw in a pop of unexpected colour to break up…(Read More)

My latest Designer Crush is New York interior designer, Christopher Burns.  I came across his work on Pinterest and instantly felt a connection with his interiors.  Christopher brings a comfortable elegance to his design, that is inviting and warm. He is not afraid to combine modern and traditional and successfully manages to create a balance…(Read More)

You may have noticed that touches of gold are popping up all over the homewares scene at the moment. Thankfully not the shiny, glitzy gold of the 80s, but more subtle antique and brushed finishes. The golden tones of brass are warmer than its stainless steel and chrome cousins.  This ‘golden’ brass is featuring in…(Read More)

Moving house is a great opportunity to do a spring clean, and in the past week the kids’ toys have had a major cull. As the girls are now 6 and 9, I am being ruthless about what they still ‘need’.  Early on I realised that no fancy dinner parties were being had at our…(Read More)

It seems timely to be featuring the colour orange this week on Friday’s Favourites.  The varying shades of autumn orange have been particularly stunning in Melbourne in the past few weeks. With the blue skies, the scenery is making the routine daily drives actually enjoyable. I know it won’t last, so I’m…(Read More)

Bedroom Blues


Thankfully we sold our house last month at auction.  Although we are madly house hunting before settlement date, I am starting to feel nostalgic about leaving this place we’ve called home for the past ten years.  When we initially moved into our Californian Bungalow, it was awash with dusky pink.  There was evidence in…(Read More)

When used in interiors, the colour grey can add a sense of sophistication and elegance. One of my favourite Australian Interior Designers, Greg Natale, has created some beautiful spaces using grey.  It is a versatile colour and can look fabulous as a neutral back drop or as a dominant hue. Differing shades of grey can…(Read More)

Part 2 of my recent Singapore trip is dedicated to their beautiful and lush gardens which left a lasting impression.  Given the large number of high-rise buildings and modern shopping centres, Singapore has the potential to be a concrete jungle, thankfully this is not the case. Masses of flowers and foliage show up in…(Read More)

I confess that I get very excited when I see a beautiful blue and white space.  According to the colour experts, blue evokes feelings of calmness and serenity, which is just as well given it is the main colour I used in my bedroom (more on that to come).  When paired with white, I think…(Read More)