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I am by no means a green thumb and apart from weeding, my gardening skills are minimal.  However, I can appreciate on many levels the joy that a garden brings.

Last week I visited the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show and it did not disappoint, providing a true visual feast.  The effort and lengths the exhibitors went to in displaying their talents was quite amazing.  

The floral displays were held inside the Royal Exhibition Building.  Upon entry you were greeted by a towering display of yellow which led your eye up to the domed roof.  No Sistine Chapel, but still worthy of a mention.



Here are some of the other displays that caught my eye. The colour combination of this one was beautiful, by Flowers Vasette (who did my wedding flowers some years ago).


More amazing colour…….




Have always loved orchids….



The very creative RMIT Fashion Design students exhibited pieces using plants and flowers.  This was one of my favourites.


Another fun and creative display.


Heading outside to the Carlton Gardens were the Landscaping and Garden exhibits.  The charity organisation, Kids Under Cover,  held a Cubby House challenge.  My vote went to this very cool cubby called “Caravan Me Happy”. It was made fully of recycled materials.


A cute window box on one of the other cubbies.


Here are some of the Garden and Landscaping exhibits. This garden was designed by Phillip Withers.  Love the pops of colour, including the swing detail.


Paul Bangay’s Design was a mix of formal and informal.  The use of various metals featured in many of the gardens, either in the form of an art sculpture or as part of the ‘pergola’ itself.


Natural Design Landscapers.


Ian Barker Gardens.  More pops of colour with the dipped stools.  This fun shelter area complete with coffee machine and mini cafe!



This spectacular exhibit called, ‘The Gardener’s Library” was designed by Local Nurseries who are a collaboration between the top eight Garden Centres in Victoria.  This Hamptons-style conservatory (which was sent over from Hampton Conservatories  in Ireland) would be the perfect garden sanctuary. It was furnished with beautiful library shelving , a comfy armchair, iron pendant lights and a variety of ferns.  Might need to add one of these to the list for the dream house!




More sculptural garden features.



Had to include this photo of Don Burke who was working the crowd.  He was a regular part of our Friday night viewing in the 90s!


The Melbourne International Flower and Garden show is such a wonderful and inspiring event, with many exhibitors going on to the Chelsea Flower Show.

Did anyone get a chance to visit?  Would love to hear your thoughts.

Belinda XO


Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show





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  1. What brilliant displays. Mother Nature has created the most stunning colours with her paintbrush! I didn’t get to visit this year but you have inspired me to go again next year. Love that caravan and the Natural Design Landscapers Exhibit. Can’t believe that you got to see Don Burke.

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