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If you would like the complete Gallerie B experience of ‘Styling Tips to Sell Your Home’, press play below: (A big thank you to Eric from Nella Digital for helping set the scene) Thankfully our house sold at auction three weeks ago.  It is only the second home we have sold, our first was a…(Read More)

Not wanting to offend any purple-lovers out there but I’m not personally a big fan of the shade.  But talk about plum, mauve, lilac……well that’s another story.  Since the colour Radiant Orchid earned the title of Pantone’s Colour of the Year, purple seems to have had a resurgence in the…(Read More)

Maybe it’s a trait of my Cancerian star sign but I do like to collect the odd thing or two.  My latest little penchant is for needlepoint cushions.  Not the old fashioned embroidered ones from yesteryear but the brightly coloured and fun 21st century variety.  The recent resurrection of needlepoint seems to have been…(Read More)

Today on Friday’s Favourites I am celebrating the soft pastel colours that are synonymous with Easter; mint, pastel pink, blue, yellow and lilac. via Pastel colours are not only soothing but for me they provide a sense of happy nostalgia.  When I had my first daughter my whole world became awash with pastel pink…(Read More)

For those following my Instagram and Facebook, you will know that my trip to Singapore wasn’t without its dramas.  In a nutshell, I arrived at the airport with hubbie and the kids only to be told I could not travel as I didn’t have six months validity on my passport (I had 3…(Read More)

Is white actually a colour?  Google this question and there are many different responses from artists and scientists alike.   Not getting bogged down in technicalities, I am more interested in how the colour white looks and makes me feel when used in a space. I find that too much white makes a room feel…(Read More)

Ok, so I’m unashamedly putting it out there, I am a little bit obsessed with Oprah!  Have been for some years now and hate to say it but one of my biggest regrets was not seeing her at Federation Square when she visited Melbourne in 2011, as I was working that day.  This love…(Read More)

I am loving the colour coral right now. It is softer than orange, with a hint of pink.  Coral is not a colour I see a lot in home decorating, yet it is quite versatile.   It looks great against white, but also pairs well with navy, mint, turquoise and taupe.    Accessories: Florence Broadhurst…(Read More)

I am by no means a green thumb and apart from weeding, my gardening skills are minimal.  However, I can appreciate on many levels the joy that a garden brings. Last week I visited the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show and it did not disappoint, providing a true visual feast.  The effort and lengths…(Read More)