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I apologise in advance if you think that this heading hints at me doing a review of the recent Oscars ceremony.  No, I would like to talk about another screen, closer to my heart……the screened porch.

Our family home in Virginia (in the late 80s) was wonderful for many reasons but mainly because of how typically ‘American’ it was.  It had some great features but probably the one that I still fixate on was the screened porch. The concept of an outdoor space that has a fixed roof and is enclosed in flywire seems like a no-brainer for our lifestyle in Australia, but I am yet to see a home here with one! As you can see from the photos, our screened porch blended seamlessly with the exterior of the house.   It was also comfortably fitted with ceiling fans and downlights and I have some great memories of Sunday lunches and catch-ups with family friends in this space.



Back then, I was too young to really appreciate this additional room to our house.  I know the concept of an al fresco dining area is not new to us in Australia but the screened porch has a few extra key features:

  1. Insect proof and free from bees/wasps/flies near BBQ food, and no mozzies!
  2. Protection from UV and weather
  3. Provides a fabulous (contained) additional space for kids to play

Again the benefits of this space were reinforced when I visited my good friend in North Carolina.   Her toddler son loved playing in their porch.


screenedporch-4     screenedporch-6

But more selfishly, a screened porch can provide the perfect adults retreat.  I can see myself kicking off the shoes on a comfy lounge with a great mag, wine in hand.

In the meantime, I will just need to file this away for the dream home…….












What do you think?  The perfect answer to our Aussie summers?

Belinda XO

Screened Porch

4 Responses to "Thoughts on the Big Screen"
  1. A screened in porch is a prerequisite to any future home we live in! Our porch is awaiting your tips when you come to Raleigh!

  2. What a fabulous home that you lived in in Virginia!
    I love a covered porch/veranda but hadn’t considered screening it in. A fantastic idea – especially if you live close to a body of water and can’t handle the mozzies etc. I’ll have to include that when I build my dream house on a pond on Martha’s Vineyard…or Nantucket….sigh.

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