A Warm Welcome and First Impressions

February 21, 2014 by Belinda

Welcome to Gallerie B’s inaugural blog post, which I hope is the first of many.  I would love for Gallerie B to be a place where you can take some time out to reflect upon some of the beautiful things surrounding us in our everyday lives.  I will no doubt have my ‘L’ plates on for a while so thank you in advance for hanging in there and supporting me along the way!

We all know that first impressions are important and of course the home is no exception.  A home’s entrance should make the opening statement about its style of interior and ensure guests feel welcome.  After having a bland and unwelcoming entrance to our Californian Bungalow for long enough, I finally updated the space to something a bit more inviting.



The first thing you saw when entering the front door was the bland cream wall behind the dresser.  I knew a feature wall was in need, something that was eye-catching and interesting that complimented the surroundings. When it came to selecting wallpaper, there was no questioning my choice.  Imperial Trellis by Schumacher has long been a favourite and ticked all the boxes for me, classic geometric with a beautiful soft aqua palette.



Now when I walk through the front door, I appreciate my new entrance nook thanks to Imperial Trellis, a white bamboo mirror and a few of my favourite accessories.

The sideboard and hurricane vases are from Meizai and mirror from Cromwell.


Here are some other examples of Imperial Trellis adding that extra something to a space.







What first impressions does your entrance make?

Do you have a wallpapered feature wall in your entrance?  If so, which one did you choose?

 Belinda xo

22 thoughts on “A Warm Welcome and First Impressions”

  1. The transformation is amazing- you have an incredible eye. My entrance is similarly bland, I am inspired. I might need help though (I am design-blind!)

  2. Look forward to reading all your savvy tips of design! Perhaps you need to make a trip to USA for a design consultation! Very proud of you!

  3. First impressions do matter and this Blog is no different. Gallerie B – what a beautifully presented page of inspiration in your first post! I’ll be visiting regularly. You can assured of that. Love it!!

  4. I absolutely adore this entrance. You have nailed it – elegant and inviting. Love that mirror. Looking forward to the next instalment. I’m hooked. x A

  5. Georgia Hartzell

    Beautiful…my favorite part is actually the dresser. I love the silvery looking finish. Can you tell me what was used to finish the dresser? It’s exactly the look I’m hoping to create as I’m remodeling my master suite area.

    1. Hi Georgia, thanks so much. The dresser is finished in a pressed metal. It came with that finish so I am not sure how easy/difficult it could be to add. All the best x

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